Hi there, I'm Kellie Wynn and I am a beagle behavioural specialist

I provide beagle owners with the expertise and certainty to train and influence their beagle's behaviours, so they have respectful boundaries and healthy long lasting relationships

Please get in touch to discuss any of my behavioural packages and check out my blog and other social media for video training tips and tricks

  • Behavioural Packages

    I can train your Beagle

    Any unwanted behaviour your beagle is exhibiting can be eliminated or reduced significantly no matter what another trainer has told you. Beagles are trainable, they just need a different approach.

  • Creating a Beagle Network

    Beagle Social

    Owning a Beagle brings with it unique challenges, I'm creating a Beagle network which aims to bring together all wealth of information and advice from Beagle owners and trainers across the globe

  • We love Beagles

    Blog and Events

    We are currently adding content to our blog including free training advice and product reviews. The blog also links to our up and coming training events

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Services I Provide

Behavioural packages covering adult, adolescence and puppies

Beagle rehoming package with 6 weeks support

Recall packages to get your beagle off that lead